Saturday, November 11, 2006

CPayscom2 Online Casino - Casino Royale james bond

Today we are discussing on CASINO ROYALE new James Bond 007 films. Casino Royale is the
21st James Bond film staring by Daniel Craig based on Ian Fleming's first Bond novel. This films have no relation with CPayscom2 Online Casino but as am fans of james bond film and new film realted with casino keywords. So i think why i am not showing my love with the help of CPayscom2 Online Casino blogs ;) whose trying to maintaing him MSn search engine on top ten postion. you know MI6 chief M ( Judi Dench ), i love her either she is so old. lol

Story is simple like when british secret service agent James Bond get his 00-number and his licence to kill his first mission start on Madagascar with main villian Le Chiffre who provides a global money-laundering service to many frozen assets of terrorist organizations. Le Chiffre wants to attempt to recover SMERSH's money as he lost in a bad investment so he goes to Casino Royale located Royale-les-Eaux town. As in the old bond story he falls Vesper Lynd is an MI6 agent in dangerous consequences.

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