Wednesday, March 22, 2006

V7ndotcom Elursrebmem JavaScript favicon ico.

This is simple javascript programs for adding a customized icon in the address bar of the Blogserver( V7ndotcom Elursrebmem ). on starting a programs, i have also add some code for resize problem. ( Javascript Fix for Netscape 4 resize problem ). One of small joke here.... if u like that plz link to me. ;)

var p=message.length;
var T="";
var C=0;
var mC=0;
var s=0;
var sT=null;
if(reps<1)reps=1; t="message[mC];">19){s=1}
// you can fiddle with the patterns here...
if(s==1){document.title='V'+T+' '}
if(s==2){document.title='V7'+T+' '}
if(s==3){document.title='V7N'+T+' '}
if(s==4){document.title='V7ND'+T+' '}
if(s==5){document.title='V7NDO '+T+' '}
if(s==6){document.title='V7NDOT'+T+' '}
if(s==7){document.title='V7NDOTC'+T+' '}
if(s==8){document.title='V7NDOTCO'+T+' '}
if(s==9){document.title='V7NDOTCOM '+T+' '}
if(s==10){document.title=' V7NDOTCOM E '+T+' '}
if(s==11){document.title=' V7NDOTCOM EL '+T+' '}
if(s==12){document.title=' V7NDOTCOM ELU '+T+' '}
if(s==13){document.title=' V7NDOTCOM ELUR '+T+' '}
if(s==14){document.title=' V7NDOTCOM ELURS '+T+' '}
if(s==15){document.title=' V7NDOTCOM ELURSE '+T+' '}
if(s==16){document.title=' V7NDOTCOM ELURSEB '+T+' '}
if(s==17){document.title=' V7NDOTCOM ELURSEBM '+T+' '}
if(s==18){document.title=' V7NDOTCOM ELURSEBME '+T+' '}
if(s==19){document.title=' V7NDOTCOM ELURSEBMEM '+T+' '}
if(C<(19*reps)){ sT=setTimeout("A()",speed); C++ }else{ C=0; s=0; mC++ if(mC>p-1)mC=0;

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