Friday, September 29, 2006

Now what the hell is this ?

hey hey hey today i am not talking about CPayscom2 Online Casino. Today i am talking about now Carcasherdotcom Seocontest - August 2006 Winners lol i cant belive that my silly blogs gamblings with me. lol

I dont know actually, just i want to say thanks to my one freind whose inform me about that. Actually that post was make only to links the Marcus Westberg whose the owner of that site . Ahmm he is also my good freinds. maybe he forget me... lol

Ok, My email is just below.. please looks on that. And tell me when i will be see that 100$ whoohoo its my first Carcasherdotcom Seocontest compettion earnings.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cpayscom2 Online Casino partners

Ok i am now offering a Reciprocal links exchange or either you would say that i am calling my partners whose would like to become my CPayscom2 Online Casino freinds. Sure way is that i like now MSN search engine. lol looks like now i am feeling some Msn seo power .

In the main intervals when i checked on yahoo this SEO Competition keywords - CPayscom2 Online Casino. I was bit wonderend that yahoo is playing gambling with that keywords. He telling you should also search on thats keywords.

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Ohh well we dont want to bother about those spots. Lets move Msn bot and check these my freind links. Eat them and make him good postion on Msn in terms of search engine.

Cpayscom2 online casino Partners

Cpayscom2 Online Casino

My freinds is currently 4th rank for this Cpayscom has launched a new SEO contest Cpayscom2 Online Casino. This is our bloglines entry There is $20,000 in prizes on the line and I plan on claming my share.

CPayscom2 Online Casino online

First i want to say clear i am not take so serious about this Seo competition. i was just help my freinds to make her on atleast 2nd postion. And real thing is that this compettion takes so long times. Even i am glad to make a postion on top ten Msn rankings about CPayscom2 Online Casino but i know that my instnict will be always true... that i know real people haven't yet participate in this online casino race. They know how and where is the Msn search engine weaks point and how much time to make thier CPayscom2 Online Casino online sites on top with beatings of all one SEO jerks whose think they win and go to Las vegas to play a gamblings, Slots, Roulette and blackjack. Ahmm yeah we are all jerks... :p hehe dont anger with me... its true i know. isn't ?

Wonder why i am trying to beat CPayscom2 Online Casino Online since i know i am killing my v7ndotcom elursrebmem blogs. lol anyway My main aim is that i will take my postion on Google in terms of

CPayscom2 Online Casino

wheather i am trying to convinced myself or lie. hehe

Monday, September 25, 2006

Msn send CPayscom2 Casino Result

Wohhhhh Msn show that CPayscom2 online result where i am stand now 9th postion. well i never knew that they also pickup the cache... but i am happy when i saw my blogs cache where i just saw my first post about CPayscom2 Online Casino. Ok i was not serious about that online games though they are only a internet marketing tactis where main casino site promote himself by just internet competition. Ahmm well it openes my eyes about poker keywords. Las vegas city is full of with poker room and CPayscom2 Online Casino games. Well i also noticed that casino affiliates also have good furure.